Running through

The field

The sun

Shining on your face

You fall back

And you rise with grace


He will catch you

Through the pain

There is much to gain

Thank you followers, I appreciate you following my blog. I often thank my followers, because I just like to say thank you. so I am sending out positive vibes to everyone day. Positive vibes, positive frequency and positive energy. stay positive and always believe in yourself. I believe in you. You can do anything you set your mind too and you can get through the struggles of this sometimes, complicated world just stay positive. A positive mindset goes a long way. 🙂

Was it a dream

Laying beside you

Our face met

In taking your breath

Was it a dream

Can’t let go

Want to hold tight

It feels right



Looked around


Just a dream

To the earth

The moon, the sun

Light bright

Continues to shine

Over me

As you can see



The Power to be

Standing there

One, two, three

Birds just flew over me

The Power to be

She exist

She’s beautiful

Strong and smart

And she has a good heart

She exist

Don’t know what you thinking

Putting her last

She exist

She at the front of the line

She’ll be fine

She exist

She’s kind

Her place she will find

She exist

Bet that

She validates she

So let that be known

To thee


Beyond the sun

Remembering the fun

In the depth of your mind




In my heart, your smile

At dawns end

Stands two beautiful souls

The moon howls

Forever and ever and ever

Forgotten never

You broke me

Silhouette shattered

Everything I gave

You broke me

I cave

Running back

Hit the wall

With tears I fall

Voice trembling

Fell to my knees

In the leaves

You broke me

I stood

Looked to the sun

Shine bright

Shine, shine, your light

Be gone

No longer feeling

You got me reeling



Shaking, yelling,

Just Go, Go. Go.

You Broke Me


I have much to achieve

Real Talk

When its time to leave, leave with grace.

My heart beat
Your shadow
Not too far away
Always in my heart
Love the way
You smile and the
Positive frequency you
Bring each day
That’s us
Souls intertwined