Sounds of your heartbeat

Wonderful to my ears

Like two hearts

Frozen in time, frozen years

Can get lost in your heartbeat all day,

What can I say,

Your heartbeat makes me come back

To you, forever and ever and ever

The deeper and deeper I’m drawn to you

Your heartbeat

Turn up the heat

If I fall will you catch me

As I fall, sounds of your heartbeat

Gives me relief

Your aroma stays with me, forever, ever and ever

Can I let it be, Erase you

Could I, probably never

I lay my head on your chest

You know the rest

Infinity until the end of time

Listening to your heartbeat

I know nothing in my mind

Only in my heart

Forever and ever and ever

Even when we are apart

Forever in time

Until we meet again  🙂

Push and Pull

You are strong

Not as fragile

Your mind controls your strength

Don’t go and hide

Its your guide

You’re as strong as you think

Side by side

Push and Pull

This life

It can’t keep you down

Never let the negativity

Keep you spinning around and around

Stand your ground

Stand tall above it all

With the confidence

Scream yet without a sound

The power you have

In your existence

Stop running from yourself

Step through life, shine

Like life, you’ll get it right

Be brilliant and fight



As high as you can go

Rise and glow

Real Talk

Yesterday was goodbye and today is hello, Life can be complicated, but the people that exist within make it complicated, it can be very easy by being honest and loving who you want to love. One of the most important things in this world is respect and/ or self-respect. Respect for your self and respect for others. One more chance and we will see how this journey goes, so this is HELLO.

Disenchanted with the pain

You cause

You chose to because you can

I should have ran

You touched my heart

But also stabbed it                                    

Like a dagger shooting from

A half moon

It was too soon

I should have known

The sky turns dark

For a moment you brought

Down my wall

We were having a ball

You can pour out your heart 10 thousand ways

But everything can be gone within days

Gone with the wind

Overnight things can change

Seeing the sun in my head

Toward where my heart lead

Was it just a dream?

Something I imagined

With your call

Came the crumbling of my wall

I take my energy back

I am everything you lack

I set you free

I leave

Not infinite

Not definite

Waving at the sky

This is Goodbye.


Something always draws me to you

Never far away

I feel your soul, your pain, and

Your joy, everyday

You always in my thoughts

This gift is for you only

From the stars, moon, and sun above

Is my infinite love

You are my happiness

Beautiful like the sounds of a dove

The only thing I wish

From you is your love

I feel you beside me daily

Yet you are so far away

What can I say

When you fall in love with the internal

Versus all the external

What is the most treasure is the heart

So close but so far away

If at one day

There we stand

Under the sun

Feet firmly in the sand

The moon is there

And then it goes dark

Midnight sky

And then there are tears

Thinking of the memories

Of past years

After a while you mourn

There is strength

The Sun will rise again


Hold your love ones

Tightly 😦

With my eyes closed

I can see the sun

And I think every moment

With you shared how fun

When I’m thinking of you

I can see the sun

Toward you I want to run

If I shall see you beyond

The shore

Amongst the moon and stars

Your soul I adore

Your mind can block

The person who wants

To be your rock

The improbability of the impossible

Could be probable under the sun

Your whole totality inspires me

Beyond the sea

Underneath the sunset

That’s where we met

We just begun

We ain’t done yet

Where ever you are

I can see the sun

Real Talk

World stop judging people. Let people be who they are and people stop feeling you have to conform to someone else’s standards. Love who you are. The total you. 🙂

Real Talk

Beauty is not defined only by the entity of the outer. But it is defined by your whole totality, your mind, your soul, your attitude. And your heart. ❤🌏

I been waiting on you

To come along

You been waiting on me

You sing it in a song

Your smile always

Brightens my day

Under the sun

We’ve come a long way

Loving you is forever

Waking up to you

Every morning knowing your

Heart makes me proud everyday

In everyway

Under the sun

Our love seems like

It was mean to be

Now, here we are as we

Under the sun.