Existence in the nonexistence

Paper on a wall

Existence in the hall

Shadows of your face

Thought of you there

Can it be

Some place we’ve been before my dear

Your existence surfing on the ocean

Below the sun I see

A bed of truth of reality

A bed of roses most extravagant

From a afar

A shooting star


Like fire

Through your eye

I believe

What I see

And a beautiful gorgeous smile

Shows love

Warms the heart

Like seeing a beautiful dove

We all a bit damaged

The difference on the outside

Totally indifferent than the inside

In this world we glide

We let things slide

We a bit damaged

We love the fakeness

Instead of the realness

We a bit damaged

We wipe away the tears

We stay for years

We a bit damaged

To hard to face the wounds, the pain

To hard to bare

It’s not that rare

We a bit damaged

We rather see worth in someone else

Besides our self

We a bit damaged

He damaged, She damaged

We all a bit damaged

Rise above, combat the fears

The wounds of past years

No more a bit damaged

Chilly in here

The dampness

My nose runs

Peeked out the window

Under the shade

Saw a deer

At the brink of dawn

Rises the sun

The darkness

Brings out the cricket sounds

Silently I lay I listen

Bout to fall a sleep

Then gleams a light

Oh I fall a sleep tonight

At peace

And here I’m reminded of

The fight


In sight.

Real Talk

Hope and Optimism. Remember that always.. 🙂

Real Talk

Gracefully leave. If they aint putting forth effort, if they ain’t communicating with you, and they aint making plans with you for the future, if they don’t appreciate you, gracefully leave.

Who, Poem By SSavage

The stars and moon shined brightly

And the wind blows

And there you go

Into a different direction

Tread slightly

For if you are alone

And then you wash upon the seashore

There you sit happily content

And that’s how it went

The unknown became

The known

Your place

Was with you

Not who? 🙂

Real Talk

She didn’t run out of love, she ran out of patience.

Real Talk

You deserve the best because of who you are. 😉

Real Talk

Learn to love people for who they are, not who you want them to be

Real Talk

To scared to forget is to know it didn’t exist at all