The Letter, by SSavage

It started with the letter to you

Seeing the pain on your face

Made my heart race

To help you in Almighty’s grace

Fast Forward

There you were again

In a happy place

Onward I looked

Seen the joy

You played it coy

Fast forward

There you were again

Deeper this time


Seeing the pain

The loss, the shadows

The darkness in the rain

So there we were

Destiny, connections

Always there

The hugs, smiles, wish

You were here

Fast Forward

You’re back stronger than ever

You better

So many years after the letter. 🙂

Real Talk

“Don’t talk, act. Don’t say, show.  Don’t promise, prove.”  –Unknown

Real Talk

“Your past does not determine who you are.  Your past prepares you for who you are to become.”  –Unknown

Real Talk

“Life has many different chapters; don’t let one bad chapter end the book.”  –Unknown

Real Talk

“Today I will do what others won’t. So tomorrow I can do what others can’t.”  –Unknown

Real Talk

Every morning is a new opportunity for a new decision, a different life or a different way of doing something. You can choose to change your path.  It’s your choice. #Truth

Real Talk

We are all destined to make a difference. Don’t waste time on irresponsibility. Be responsible. Make appropriate decisions. Be transformed.  🙂